Open Door at Tuberculosis Sanitarium

Last month our ministry team visited a tuberculosis center and found it an open door to sharing the Gospel of the Kingdom. The doctors and the patients are very open to hear about God’s Word. The patients feel that they have no hope or love in this world. They are isolated from society. But Jesus came to heal wounded hearts, to pull out them of the darkness into His mighty light. We are witnessing, hoping, and praying for their salvation.

KGIC tuberculosis

We plan to hold a Christmas event in the tuberculosis center and we ask for your prayers. We don’t know the date yet, but are seeking God’s guidance to organize an awesome holiday for patients and doctors as well.  We would like to show and tell them about Jesus Christ’s mission and why He came into this world. Thank you for your prayers for this event.

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  1. Adele Gonzaga

    Awesome endeavor


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