One Hot Day and One Changed Life

God is still working to this day in the lives of Muslims to guide them to our Savior. Three weeks ago, despite the blazing sun and temperatures reaching close to 100 in our city, the importance of sharing the Gospel with the lost moved me to compassion. So, I traveled the dusty, barren streets hoping to find someone seeking Truth.

I think that day was the moment of truth for Syarif. He is a 56-year-old Muslim and works as a security officer for a housing development company. God led me to meet him when he was having rest in a guard post near an Islamic hospital in our city. As I passed by the front of the post, I saw him relaxing, but I just passed on and headed to a food stall in a distance thinking maybe I would meet someone there. But before long, I felt a desire to go back and talk with him. After praying for a while, I finally turned back to meet Syarif.

I greeted him the way I have learned from experience and from my fellow church planters. As we got acquainted, we talked about the ordinary things in life. But then I was surprised when Syarif said that he was tired of living and tired of the situation and the people he met. When I asked him what made him so bored, he said it was the religion teachers that failed his expectation. He said none of them can be a role model and satisfy his seeking heart because at the end, they all committed something terribly wrong in their lives.

A religion teacher who initially taught him about God and the redemption of sins apparently abused his own students. Another religion teacher who teaches about God and the way to enter heaven eventually asked him to lead an ascetic life in caves. Still, another religion teacher wanted to teach him a kind of martial art that he said would make him immune to knives or swords. All of these eventually made him sick of life.

After listening to Syarif’s story, I started sharing with him about Jesus Christ. He was very open to what I shared because he was seeking something important in life. I told him that there is only one way that God has provided for people to obtain salvation and the forgiveness of sin and that is through faith in Jesus Christ.

Praise God, after our conversation Syarif believed and accepted Jesus as his personal Savior and Lord. I have met him four times since then and he has always been enthusiastic about the Gospel. Please pray that Syarif will be firm in his decision to follow the Lord and that he will become a true disciple of Christ.

So I encourage you to speak out about the Lord, even in the hottest of weather, because you just might meet someone who is searching for meaning in life.

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