One Door Closed After Another

During our last association of protestant churches board members meeting in May. We noticed, despite all the protest and the changes that are going on in the country; unfortunately, the church still targeted and persecuted.


Our brother is the owner of the building the church used to meet in. It was closed by authorities October of last year, it was called in by the local judge for a court case in May. He was accused by the local armed police officer for allowing Christians to meet in his building without the official authorization of the National Committee to hold church gatherings.


A Pastor from one of our churches has been called in by the local police station. He was accused of building a wall around the church building and was interrogated. We are still waiting for the outcome of his case.


ALHHThe Christian bookshop was closed by the authorities during the summer of 2017, ordered by the city Governor. Our brother won the case against the government, unfortunately, the judge has decided that the accusations were wrong and had no evidence, and the Governor is refusing to order the reopening of the bookshop. Since the summer of 2017, our ministry has endured a series of harassments, and inspections by the authorities, and called into the police station several times for questioning. Another Church opened in January 2019 and affiliated to the association of protestant churches in October 2018.


January of 2018, the Governor of one of the larger cities ordered us to stop the construction of the building, which we did. In July 2018, we won the court case, and we continued the building project until it is completed just recently.


Another Church opened in January 2019 and affiliated to the association of protestant churches in October 2018. During the last few months, we have been having very severe and intense persecution and several interrogations by the local main officer.


On April 28th, 2019 two head police officers, and many heavily armed police officers threatened us, telling us to demolish the building and destroy all the construction, they asked all the families living in the building to leave.


The building has three stores, including a large meeting hall, which is very appropriate for our association of protestant churches activities and ministries. The local authorities couldn’t stand seeing the building completed, because they prefer to see the Church very weak and fragile.


Because of their advocacy activities throughout the years, our ministry leader is a very hated Christian in the community. and they are also trying to take revenge against me.


We as the association of protestant churches have complained with the Ministry of the Interior.  We answered all their questions, completed the collection of documents required for a license to be approved as an association and sent them in February. So far, no receipt and answer from the minister authorities.


Recently the authorities gave the license to 20 new associations, that applied. Unfortunately, we are not included. They announced that they only want to authorize Muslim associations.


We would like you to lift us in prayer. Pray that the government would grant us the freedom we deserve. Pray that all the harassments against the church and the believers in North Africa would end.

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