On the way home

Some of those who come to faith we in Northern Sumatra Mission meet by “chance,” but we know who is directing our steps!

As Albert*, a member of the DONS 1 team, passed a village, a man who was waiting at the side of the road waved to him. Turns out, this man, Mr. AT*, had been waiting for hours to return home, but the minibus hadn’t appeared. Now he was hoping for a free ride. He lived not far from Albert, so Albert agreed to take him on his motorbike.

As they journeyed, Albert asked Mr. AT why he was in that area. The man explained that he had been promised a job by the owner of nearby fish ponds, but had just been told that there were no longer any openings.

Seeing that the man was upset, Albert asked if he’d like to stop for a cold drink at a road-side stall. Mr. AT accepted and they stopped. Sitting drinking their mineral water, Albert shared the Gospel with Mr. AT.

“This story is true,” said Mr. AT. “Jesus Christ was a good prophet.”

“Have you heard this story before?” asked Albert.

“No,” he replied, “but I have heard that Jesus Christ performed many miracles.”

“So, do you want to believe in Jesus?” Albert asked.

“Yes,” said Mr. AT, “I believe!” Then Albert led Mr. AT in a prayer of confession of sin and to accept Jesus Christ as his Savior and Lord.

Albert then explained about baptism. Mr. AT understood and was willing to be baptized. They then looked for water. Mr. AT was carrying a change of clothes as he had hoped to be hired to work at the fishpond.

After baptism they prayed together and arranged to meet again. Mr. AT asked Albert not to visit his house as he was afraid what his wife would say if she knew that he believed in Jesus. Mr. AT asked for Albert’s phone number and promised to come to the city to meet him there to be discipled.

The first three months of this year, the DONS 1 team shared the Good News with 517 local people. Of this number, 79 put their trust in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and 22 were baptized. In addition, this team trained 47 believers to reach out to families, friends and acquaintances. Over the past three months converts from past years and new believers have discipled others who now gather regularly in 17 house church groups. These groups are led by the believer who pioneered the group.

Prayer topics:

  1. Pray for Mr. AT, that his faith will grow and that he would be discipled routinely; Pray for his wife to believe as well.
  2. Pray that God will continue to give DONS 1 team members wisdom and creativity in sharing the Good News, in making disciples and training believers.
  3. Pray for the leaders of the 17 house churches, that they would be able to lead, to make disciples and train all members of their groups.
  4. Pray for the monthly training sessions for house church leaders, that they would be faithful in attendance and follow the training program.

*Names changed for security reasons.

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