Now We are Living in a Difficult Situation

Now we are living in a difficult situation. No one expected or could predict that the world would be limited especially in democratic countries because of COVID-19. It affected not just the secular world but also to churches, organizations, and missions. 

In Central Asia, we are challenged to have online/streaming worship. We were not ready to do it at all.  We value real relationships more than anything, we love getting together around a table, drinking tea, sharing a little bit about ourselves in our fellowship. All of it is impossible these days. However, God is helping us. Even though we are physically separated, we are spiritually being united.

UZGN May June 2020 update

The time we are experiencing now helps churches to see their calling from a different perspective. We have a great opportunity, not being in rush spending time with the Father, finding His will.

Here is one of the ways our people are responding to the current situation. Few believers (families from one neighborhood in the village of S-nd) from different churches decided to sew face mask during this pandemic, knowing there is a demand for those and people are in need. Each family is sewing around 10 masks/day and giving away for free in the neighborhood. They know it is not much, but at least they can participate in the needs of people around them.

Even if we are living in dark times, we know our God reigns!

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