Showing love to our neighbor

Not Yet a Teacher of the GospelMy name is H*. Three years ago, my husband decided that he wanted to join a literacy class, as he had never learned to read or write. He had heard of one such class through several positive recommendations, so he signed up and was shortly accepted. The teacher was very friendly and welcomed him to her class.

During his time there, I found out that this organization also offered supplementary tutoring for primary and high school students. My daughter was having a hard time in her math class, to the point where it kept her from passing her first year of high school. I applied for her to receive tutoring at the same center in which my husband was learning, and she was accepted as well. I took this opportunity to sign up as well, as I also struggled with math but did not want to take the class alone.

Through these last three years, I have seen the positive impact that these classes have had on my entire family. Upon the completion of my studies there, I wanted to stay involved. I later applied to be a social studies teacher at the center, as this is the area in which I have the most knowledge and experience. I have been working at the center now for over a year, teaching this subject to primary and secondary school students. I am so happy to have this chance to give back to the place that helped to educate me and my family.

My role here is teaching tutoring classes, but the center offers so much more than just that. There is a course for teachers about how to interact with and educate students in a healthy and productive way. There are also literacy classes for women, which is not common in our culture, as most women are not allowed to participate in any activities outside of their house. Even more uncommon is for women to start their own businesses, but here we teach them how to do that as well.

H* has been involved with our organization, in some capacity, for several years now. She has done a wide variety of jobs and has helped to educate countless students that have come through our center. However, she has yet to accept Jesus as her Savior. She knows that the staff at the center are all followers of Jesus, as we make that very clear through our interactions with all who come here. Even so, she still has not taken that step. Please pray for her, and women like her, to open their hearts to the Gospel so that they would all join us in our ministry to our students not just as teachers, but as ambassadors for Christ.

Names and faces have been hidden for security reasons

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