New Times for Asia

No, I am not going to talk about the coronavirus … But I will talk about how it has built us up: Now we make better use of social networks more than ever. We have recovered close relationships with many that we had not seen due to distance. The whole world has begun to realize a few important things: “we are nothing …” (without God). Many have begun to ask questions about Him.

In just 3 months we have reached tens of thousands of people through social networks who, through the usual channels, were beyond the reach of our usual testimony. As believers and as a family we have taken advantage of the time so that whatever we sow may bring in a harvest for the Lord. If we have become desperate or discouraged, we have comfort in Him who transcends the walls of confinement.

I have just finished a new book. It is plain, simple, and evangelistic: “Have an encounter with Jesus.” We are publishing it through a secular publishing house, so it will be available in all the bookstores in the country. At the moment we will print 3,000 (that’s how much money we have), but the idea is to continue printing tens of thousands as resources allow.

In it, I synthesize what I have learned in the last 35 years regarding the sensibilities of the culture and religious background of the country, so it is not a book translated from a western culture, but directly appeals to the hearts of the people here. The topics covered are basic: (1) Good News for everyone, (2) The information we have is wrong, (3) Befriend God, (4) Which Jesus…?, (5) He is still alive! (6) Jesus answers prayers, and (7) What must I do to unite my life with His?

In addition, with Edric* and another young man from the church (a graduate in philosophy), we prepared 40 videos about 10 minutes each on whether science and faith contradict or complement each other, whether Jesus declared to be God or not, on the Trinity, on whether Jesus only came to the Jews or for the whole world, and on whether or not the New Testament and its message is an invention of Paul.

More than 6,000 people have already watched these videos. An agnostic pediatrician a brother from the church is witnessing to has begun investigating the faith through these videos. Edric was sharing with me that this was going to be the decade for our country!

*Names changed for security.

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