New Persecution Forces Suspension of Activities

New Persecution Forces Suspension of Activities

The governor of the city issued an order on November 9th that our ministry, House of Hope, must suspend all activities, based on false accusations and information. Police officers came and sealed the door to the House of Hope meeting room. Our church services, activities, and the Timothy School at the House of Hope have all been disrupted and ordered to stop for the time being. Another five police cars, with thirty policemen, came to close up a bookshop in the city that was accused of printing and distributing Christian literature. The related House of Hope activities has been stopped as a consequence. Meanwhile, the police surveillance outside the House of Hope continues. They have also recently started taking photographs of foreign visitors to the House.

Last year, three closures were issued and one of them was the House of Hope Church. There are also restrictions on importing Bibles and issuing visas to the visitors and teachers.

Praise and thank our Lord God for His faithfulness, protection, and great works for the last twenty years of activities at the House of Hope! Thousands of believers from all over North Africa have been blessed, come to faith, baptized, discipled, and have taken part in the various camps, seminars and training programs held over the last twenty years. Many lives have been touched and transformed, and pastors, evangelists, and church planters have been raised up from our ministry for God’s work in North Africa and beyond. To our, God be all the glory, honor, praise, and exaltation!

Other believers in different parts of the country are also facing persecution. A few days ago, one of our team members in the East was summoned to the police station. When he was asked for a certificate to show that he was a believer of our Lord Jesus, he answered, “I have a letter written in my heart, and signed by the blood of Jesus.” The policeman also showed him a photo of him from before he accepted Jesus when he was a fundamental extremist. He said to him, “My old life of violence, hatred, and bloodshed is finished, and now I have a new life of love, compassion, and care for others.” Thank God for the courage and firm witness that he demonstrated at the police station with the policemen.

Please pray, first of all, against the persecution that we are facing, and the restrictions imposed on us. May our sovereign, victorious, and powerful Lord grant us the permission to reopen the bookshop and the House of Hope to continue His ministries for His continual honor, praise, glory and the extension of His Kingdom. “I know that You can do everything, and no purpose of Yours can be thwarted.” (Job.42:2). Pray also that our Lord Jesus will bind all the evil and wicked forces against us in the heavenly places and protect us from all evil.

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