New Life in a New Mission Field

The KC Province has a lot of mountains. Forty percent of the population are ethnic minorities. It is one of the most impoverished counties in the country. Altogether, there are fifty counties that are under the poverty line. Local churches in these counties are very introverted.

About ten years ago, some Christian businessmen moved to the KC province from my city. They started meeting together and sharing the Good News with the local people until eventually a local church was stated. Now it has 150 adult believers and 60 children who attend regularly.

One year ago, believers in this church started praying that a missionary would start a new church. This September, my family moved to the capital city to respond to His calling in this new mission field.

It was quite challenging for my wife in the beginning. She was concerned about our children’s education in this poor province, and she wasNew Life in a New Mission Field very proud of being a southeast person because life there is very comfortable and easy. Praise the Lord, He has been working in her heart. Recently, she saw on the news that our home town province gave a really low report on the quality of education. On the contrary, KC Province is much better. The Lord changed her way of thinking from her old perspective.

One day after settling down, an explorer bee came to share my sweet grapes. And two bees came the second day! I’m encouraged by seeing this. I’m praying that other Christian’s workers will join my small team soon like the bees. I am in need of your prayers for my family and the mission field that I am ministering in.

I have a six year-old boy and thirteen year-old girl. They both started attending the local school near our new home. My son recently had a high fever. Praise God he’s recovered now.

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