New Graduates Blessed by the Timothy School

New Graduates Blessed by the Timothy School

Nora*, a forty year old student at our school, recently gave us her testimony in tears. She told us that she thought her life was over and had no meaning, but in Christ she found a purpose that she thought would never be clear to her. When she saw all the women learning to read and write alongside her at the Timothy School, she would give thanks to the school for receiving her and giving her a chance to be a part of this community.

Fada*, another adult student, told us how the Lord had given her the courage and strength to continue studying here despite her illness and pregnancy. These were huge challenges she needed to overcome, but she is glad that she persevered. She sacrificed much during her nine months of study in order to obtain biblical knowledge.

Essa*, a father and a man of great wisdom at the school, was moved by the Bible and all of God’s wisdom it contains. He shared that, because of what he learned at our school, God truly changed his view towards his family, the church, and his community. He concluded by saying that he encourages everyone that is able to study at the Timothy Bible School, and anyone that passes up the opportunity would be missing out on a chance for true spiritual growth.

Hoce*, a student and father who left a job of authority to attend the Timothy School, said that he had asked God to put him in a situation where he would feel very small/insignificant in order to teach him humility. God truly granted him this request. All of the students there were helpful, and the teachers were all a blessing to him. God changed his point of view dramatically. He used to see Him as a tough God, and was unable to call him Father as a result of his bad experiences with his own father. He thanked the Lord, as well as the Timothy School, for allowing him to see God in this new light.

All four of these students, and more, are graduates this year. A great school year ended with a graduation celebration full of joy from all who attended. In the photo is this year’s group of students. Thank you for all of your support, which makes it possible for them and many more go deeper in their study of the Bible, and find answers for their lives and to help others.

*Names changed for security reasons

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