New and Returning Donor Gifts are Matched!


Do you have any family or friends interested in cutting-edge international mission work? This is the perfect time to share with them about the mission and vision of Partners International because every first-time donor’s gift to Partners International will be doubled by a generous supporter.


Or have you given to our mission in the past but haven’t been able to give for over two years? Any gift from returning donors that haven’t been able to give for over two years will be also be doubled by this matching gift.


This passionate supporter wants to help give you the opportunity to make a significant contribution to building the Church in the least reached places. They have committed to double any gift that comes from a new donor or a returning donor who hasn’t given recently. The generous donor will match the first $100,000 given by first-time donors and returning donors. Every matched dollar goes directly toward ministry workers in Indonesia.


How it Works


1. A first-time donor or returning donor makes a gift to Partners International.

This could be a gift to anything! Would you like to support indigenous ministry workers, care for underserved children, empower women to become local leaders, or holistically transform entire communities? Any gift given to any project by a first-time or returning donor will be matched and doubled. All gifts will go towards our mission to partner with indigenous ministries to build the Church in the least reached places.


2. The gift total is matched by our generous donor up to $100,000.

As long as the gift comes from a first-time or returning donor, the gift will be matched and doubled. This means double the impact! With your help, $100,000 of donations will become $200,000 in impact. Indigenous ministries will be empowered to impact their local communities for Christ and the Kingdom of God will multiply in these underserved areas.


3. Every matched dollar will go directly to supporting ministry in Indonesia.
New and Returning Donor MatchThis generous donor has a passion to see Indonesia impacted by the Gospel, so every matched dollar will go towards supporting ministry in Indonesia. But, this donor is so passionate about helping other donors, as long as their matched gift goes towards Indonesia, you can give to any cause, region, or project! Your gift will go to the area where your heart is burdened, while the matched amount will go towards Indonesia. It’s almost like you are giving to two causes for half the amount!


Share the Mission


If you are excited about the work God is doing through Partners International and know of family or friends who are able to take advantage of the first-time gift match, please take the time to share with them this opportunity. It could lead to eternity-changing results!


Rejoin the Mission


Or, if you haven’t been able to give recently but have been looking for a great opportunity to start giving again, this is the perfect chance to rejoin the mission! We get it. Life can be complicated at times and money can get tight. So, take this opportunity to double whatever you are able to give and make the most out of your gift.


I believe that God will use your gift and support in more ways than you could imagine. Together, we can build the Church in the least reached places.


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