New Churches in New Regions

Our ministry’s work among the Mandingo people is ongoing in Senegal. Jakum,* our church planter working among them, says this:

“We are grateful to God for how He is working through us on this mission field. We can see His hand at work in enabling us to build a new church building in a predominantly Muslim village. All the materials for this project were bought by the church without outside help, even the zinc sheets for roofing, which were the most expensive. Twenty new believers from the area are now attending services and meetings there regularly.”

One of the new converts, Issa*, said: “Several people that I know, including many of my friends, acknowledge that Jesus is the one true God. However, they still find it hard to abandon their sinful lives and follow after Him. As for me, I have made up my mind to write a new history of my life.”

Jakum* continues: “Our ministry also had the chance to share the Word of God in the two other villages nearby. While there, we directly presented the Gospel to thirty people, and twelve of them accepted Christ. We are in the process of establishing this new group as a new church.

We have a lot of work to do, as these are not the only villages that we are actively doing ministry in. We are shorthanded for all of the work that needs to get done in this region, so please pray for the teaching and the development of the new believers. Many of them show promise to become leaders and workers in our ministry.

Pray also for the older generation in this region. Many of them have accepted Christ, but they are hesitant to follow through, as they would become known as the generation broke the well-known position of this region as a bedrock of their religion.”

*Names have been changed for security reasons

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