A New Church is Already Changing Lives

Our ministry was able to dedicate another new church building last month, and it now stands as a symbol of the dignity and self esteem of this community. It is a place where members of the community can gather together to worship God, and a place of where many have experienced transformation. God has blessed all of us who have come to the saving grace of Lord Jesus Christ.

Lakshmi is one of the many who found Jesus as a result of this place. As we spoke to her, this is what she narrated:

“My life had no meaning until I become a part of a self help group through Bible Faith Mission. I am thirty-six years old, and my husband is fifty-six. He is an alcoholic, and I am his second wife. I lost my parents when I was very young, so my brothers were the ones who arranged this marriage, and they did so without even considering my opinion. We have two daughters together – Veni and Sangeetha.

Our family has gone through many difficult times, as my husband does not care for us in any way. I have to work at daily wage jobs and rear some goats for us to survive. My daughters are both old enough now to begin thinking about continuing education, but I don’t know how I will afford it. I really want my daughters to get well educated, as I believe this would change their lives and prevent them from going through the same crisis that I face now.

My house is close to the new church, but I never attended services there, as I am from a different faith. However, three months ago my neighbor invited me to be a part of the women’s group there. When I went, everyone there was so welcoming, and soon I felt like I was a part of this group.

Both of my daughters have now passed their class board exams, and I don’t know what to choose for their higher studies. The pastor and the team at BFM has been extremely helpful to us in this area. My children and I have been attending the Sunday service at the church regularly. We request your prayers for our family, and especially for my husband to stop drinking and to care for us.



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