New Believers Holdout

Some new believers who had confessed belief in Jesus as Savior became doubtful after asking others from their Muslim community about Jesus. Last month, this happened with Mr. Uyu and Mr. Uco.

Mr. Uyu

After hearing the Gospel for the second time, Mr. Uyu, a traditional fisherman, aged 70, confessed his faith in Jesus. The first time we met him he did not want to believe but was interested in hearing the stories of the prophets (in the Old Testament Scriptures). Afterwards we had difficulty meeting up with him. Every time we visited his house, he was never at home. Neighbors told us that he was at sea.

It was March before we met Mr. Uyu again. We happened to pass his house and saw him. So we stopped and enquired how he was. Apparently he had fallen and injured his foot so was unable to go to sea. We used the opportunity to tell him again of the Gospel.

“Do you remember our previous talk?” we asked him.

“I’ve forgotten much of what you said because it’s been a long time,” he replied, “But what I do remember is that Jesus died according to God’s plan.” So we explained the gospel story again.

Then we asked him if it made sense that doing good works and following the rules of religion could not pay the debt of sin. He thought that it did make sense because as long as we are still in the world, we do sin. So we challenged him to believe in Jesus Christ who paid the debt of his sin and to trust Him as his Savior and Lord.

“Yes, I want to believe,” he replied. We quoted Romans 10: 9 and led him in prayer for forgiveness of sin and to receive Jesus Christ.

We then explained about baptism, and asked if he was ready to be baptized.

“I’m sorry!” he pleaded, “I’m not refusing, but may I first ask the teacher who guides us? There are 98 in our group and we have promised our religious teacher [Muslim] that if there is something new, we should first consult him. If he consents, then I’m willing to be baptized!”

The next time we met Mr. Uyu, he told us that he had consulted his teacher who had advised that he should not believe what we had told him. We explained that believing in Jesus Christ is a personal matter, and not something that others can decide.

“I am confused now,” he confessed. He asked for time to think and said, “If I am ready to be baptized, I will call you!”


Mr. Uco

Mr. Uco, aged 61, has a roadside stall in front of his house where he sells goods. On our way to visit and follow up those who were open to the Gospel, we stopped at his stall to buy mineral water. As we sat on seats at the front of his stall to drink, we engaged him in conversation. When we talked of spiritual matters and told stories of the prophets, he was very interested. He confessed that he was trying to figure out a way for his sin to be forgiven by God. We saw this was an opportunity to tell him of the forgiveness of sin through death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. So we explained the Gospel to him. When we challenged him, he wanted to believe. So we then led him to pray.

At our next meeting we explained to Mr. Uco about baptism. He listened, but then confessed that he was still hesitant to follow Jesus and asked for time to make a decision.

Please Pray:

  1. Pray that God works in Mr. Uyu’s and Mr. Uco’s hearts so that they will dare to take the decision to follow Jesus wholeheartedly.
  2. Pray that new believers will be thirsty to learn more and willing to give time to meet together to learn the Word of God so that their faith will grow.

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