New Believers Bring their Families to Christ

New Believers Bring their Families to ChristGod continues to bless the work our ministry is doing with new believers. A new sister in Christ is currently facing difficult health challenges, and we brought her to our city so that she could receive medical care. Praise God that she is now being cared for. We were able to share many things with her now that she was nearby. Through this closeness, her sister G* also heard and accepted the message of salvation. Glory to God!

G* is new in the faith, but very enthusiastic. A short time ago, she said to us:

I am very grateful for what you are doing for my sister, and am happy to have learned of God’s love because of your work with her. This news changed my life. Would you be able to visit my family also? I want them to hear about Jesus as well. I especially would like for you to speak with my children, my mother, and my grandmother.”New Believers Bring their Families to Christ

Last week, we travelled to see her whole family, and we were able to share with them, as well as with a neighbor that showed great interest. We will continue visiting them and sharing the Good News.

This week, we were also able to see a friend with whom we had lost contact because he had travelled for work. He made a decision to follow the Lord after I shared the message with him two years prior. Now that he has returned, we were able to meet again with him, his wife, his brother, and his mother-in-law. This friend told us:

I want you to come to my home from now on, to have Bible studies and to share more with my family.

This friend is a talented musician, and we dream that he might someday use his talent for God’s glory!

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