New Believers Among the Least Reached

After a year of sharing the gospel on an island in Indonesia, a group of local leaders found that none of the predominantly Muslim villages were open. Again and again, the people would turn away when they heard the name, Jesus. 

Despite the resistance, God rewarded their perseverance. Just last month, He led them to a young man named Yudah. Yudah was willing to listen to the entire gospel story. After sharing about redemption through the sacrifice of Jesus, Yuda believed and was baptized the following day.

Sukarno and his wife

Soon after meeting Yudah, an older man named Sukarno and his wife also came to faith in Christ and were baptized. The team of local leaders began training them right away because the couple was serious about learning how to become faithful followers of Jesus.

Recently, when the local leaders met with the couple, they discovered they were devasted because a windstorm had torn off their roof, and they didn’t have the money to fix it.

The team prayed with the couple, and later they helped repair the roof. God used this terrible circumstance as an opportunity for these local leaders to continue to disciple the couple and share the love of God with their neighbors. 

Names changed for security reasons

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  1. Anne

    We live in Canada, but we wanted to let you know that although we are geographically far from Indonesia, your team and your ministry are near and dear to us. You are in our prayers. Blessings.


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