New Believer Leads Family to Christ after Many Years

New Believer Leads Family to Christ after Many YearsEvery meeting that we have is important, whether that be with strangers or family members and friends. The impressions of each meeting will vary – it could be good or could cause regret.

A few years ago a religious teacher named D*, who recently opened up a small shop in his house, was met with J*, who was a church planter. At the beginning of the meeting, J* knew that God brought them together for a reason. Although at that time D* was a religious leader for a people group that was mostly unreached, J* did not feel afraid. He instead saw that there was a great opportunity for the name of the Lord to be glorified through this meeting. He believed that God would give him the words to speak.

It was difficult at the beginning, but as he began to talk about Jesus Christ, D* actually responded by explaining the teachings of the religion he adhered to. Discussions like this often occur at the beginning of these introductions. Tirelessly, J* continued to share the Gospel with D*, because he believed that this was God’s timing.

After several approaches and coaching, D* was finally ready to repent and accept Jesus Christ as his Savior. It is not an easy journey to reach religious leaders, but Praise God, D’s* heart became open to accept the presence of Jesus Christ into his life, even though his family has not followed him in this decision.

In the following years, these two went in separate directions and didn’t see each other for a long time. Just a month ago, God brought them back together. D* said that until this point, his family had still not accepted Jesus Christ as he had. Because of D’s* confession, J* got more and more excited to visit him and continue to guide him so he could start to reach his wife, children and grandchildren.

Because of the strong encouragement from our church planting team, and the great willingness from D*, God finally touched his family’s heart. Praise God, his wife and children are now beginning to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior.

Our church planting team’s commitment to proclaiming the Gospel has produced extraordinary results. We believe that God works to open every human heart who wants to believe in Jesus Christ. Despite the many challenges and difficulties we have faced, we still believe that God always has the best design.

Prayer points:

  • Pray that D’s* discipleship and training continues to go well. His desire to reach his family was truly extraordinary.
  • Pray for the health of his child named, who was ill, and also in her disciplinary process.
  • Pray for his wife and children, that the baptism ceremony can be done as soon as possible.
  • Pray for a student that we have worked with, who has believed and wants to be baptized but is still discouraged by his family, who disagrees with this decision. He has a strong desire to be discipled and baptized.

*Names redacted for security reasons

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