Natural Disaster Gives Men the Chance to Hear About Jesus

We thank God for taking care of our ministry. Despite the difficulties and challenges we faced, we were grateful that God has been protecting and providing for our family.

Ministry in our area has been hard for the past three months. It has been challenging for us to follow up with new believers. However, our workers have told us stories that convince us the God is still working through us to share the Good News with the unreached Muslims.

Soleh* is a Church Planter who recently joined our ministry. Three months ago, he met two Muslim men in their 60’s on the beach near our city. The two men worked as porters and were waiting for the ships to unload on the beach.

After talking for a long time about their work, Soleh turned their conversation to the Good News about the forgiveness of sins in Christ. The two men listened to him seriously. Then, one of the men named Joyo* began to share the story about his dark life. He has been to jail twice for killing people. He said that he had just been released from prison a year and a half ago. He had lost contact with his family, until recently. Joyo noted that the murders he had done have troubled his soul and he’s always been haunted by guilt. The dark events could not go away from his memory.

When he heard about Jesus Christ tears began to fall, he said he was very sorry for what he had done and never knew that Jesus can forgive sin. When Soleh said that Jesus Christ has the power to forgive all sins, the men both believed and accepted Jesus Christ.

A week later, Soleh was assigned by Cahaya Suku to serve as a volunteer to help victims of the earthquake and tsunami in their neighboring province. Before leaving he introduced a Church Planter from Cahaya Suku to Joyo and Farel*. This Church Planter will do the follow-up meeting and discipleship for Joyo and Farel. Please pray that these two men will remain faithful in Jesus and that they will grow in understanding about the true God in Christ.

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Soleh’s grateful for an encouraging encounter at the disaster site. While helping to set up tents for earthquake survivors, he met a Christian who said he had a sincere desire to share the Gospel with Muslims because there were so many of them live in his neighborhood and workplace. Unfortunately, he didn’t know how to approach and starts talking about the Good News in a way that makes sense to the Muslims. Then, Soleh shared with him the evangelization method for Muslims which he had only learned a few weeks earlier from Cahaya Suku. The man was very eager to learn and did not let Soleh go until he was sure he had mastered the method of the approach.

We hope that with God’s help, more and more lay people will want to work with us in sharing the Gospel with Muslims so that in the future more Muslims will have the opportunity to hear the gospel.

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