Naomi – From Radical Islam to Passionate Christian

Naomi's Story

Radical Islam

Naomi is a young woman living in North Africa. After hearing great things about joining a radical Islamic group, Naomi decided to attend. However, once she became involved, being a member caused her to feel like her life had no meaning. She felt so brainwashed that she would have even killed someone if they asked her. After some time, Naomi became aware of the reality of her situation. She began to see the dangers of being involved and began making excuses not to attend. She would come sporadically, but more and more, she wanted to avoid participating. Finally, she made up the excuse that her parents would no longer let her attend. After this, she stopped going altogether.

Christian TV

One day, while watching TV at home, Naomi came across a Christian program. It sparked her interest and at the completion of the program, she called the phone number that offered to give more information about Christianity and the Bible. On the other end of the phone line was one of our ministry leaders who offered her counseling.

After everything she had been through with the radical Islamic group, Naomi knew she was ready to hear the Gospel when she made the call. Looking back, she could see the damage caused by radical Islam. However, she believes the Radical Islamic people can’t be blamed because they really do not even understand what they’re doing.

A Radical Change

That first phone conversation led to more calls, then coffee shop visits and lunch with the ministry leader’s wife, Aayza, so they could get to know each other. After a while, Aayza invited Naomi to her house. Naomi was baptized and became very active in the women’s group until her brother returned home from an extended trip. He didn’t like Naomi’s newfound faith and prohibited her from meeting with the Christian women.

Now instead, Aayza goes and visits Naomi to encourage and teach her. They are no longer able to see each other often, but their time together is happy. Naomi has also shared her faith with her other family members. They have expressed that they want to believe, but they are afraid.

Please Pray

Today, Naomi is a teacher in a public school. She carefully hides her faith, but despite all the challenges, says she is so happy! Please pray for Naomi, her family, and others like her who are following Jesus. Even with the risks involved, they can truly say that they now have purpose and joy.

*Names and images have been changed to protect the individuals in this story from harm. 

Isn’t her story amazing! You can help women just like Naomi start a journey filled with dignity, purpose, and hope!


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