A Muslim Woman’s Salvation – Bennie Ingraham

Many women in the most oppressive parts of the world who can do so much more if someone will invest in them. Just imagine what this woman who wants to start a church in her refugee camp could do with training! The woman Bennie met is just one example of why we created the Global Women’s Initiative. Our plan is to equip 1,000 women just like her with the tools to and abilities to transform their families and communities with the love of God.

You can make a big difference in the lives of women through the Global Women’s Initiative.

Donors who care deeply about this cause have pledged $90,000 in grants. They are challenging you to help match them before year-end. Stand in the gap for these women and help us reach the $355,000 goal.

Will you help transform the lives of women from desperate to discipled, forgotten to found, and hopeless to hopeful?

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