Multiplication Big Time!

Eyo*, a 60-year-old traditional farmer, claimed to believe in Jesus Christ as his Savior. He is the first person we won to Jesus in his village. We always visited his village once a week to seek people who are open to hearing the Good News. After several months of visiting, we finally met him.

After riding a motorcycle for about an hour, we arrived at his village. We saw him sitting alone in front of a house, which is very close to other people’s homes. We stopped and became acquainted with him. He welcomed us nicely. As is common in our country, he asked, “What is your religion?” We used that opportunity to tell him the Good News. Eyo was very open to hearing the Good News, and at the end of the story, he said, “I’ve heard about Jesus Christ before.”

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When we asked whether he believed in Jesus, he said yes, he believed and was ready to accept Jesus as his Savior and Lord. We guided him to pray the confession of faith. Then we told him about the Ethiopian eunuch (Acts 8:26-40) and explained baptism. He understood about baptism, and what’s more, he wanted to meet with us regularly to study God’s Word!

At our following meeting, we could not continue the story from the Scriptures because his son was at home, and his neighbors were also looking at us suspiciously. We could only talk about general things and asked about his health condition. We heard that he had been sick and was planning to go to town to see a doctor. Thankfully, he is healthy and can work again. 

Since the situation made it impossible to disciple Eyo in his house, we then invited him to meet outside their village. He agreed to meet outside for security reasons, and he said, “Next time we continue the story!” 

Before we went home, Eyo told us that around his area, there is a religious teacher who believes in Jesus Christ secretly because he is afraid that the local people would be angry and reject him. We didn’t know this, so we asked him to help us meet the person he was talking about.

The three groups of believers in our area continue to meet routinely, despite the difficulty in arranging a time to meet because of irregular work schedules. The leaders and some of the group members regularly share the Good News with others. By November 2019, they had shared the Good News with 139 people; 19 of them confessed to believing in Jesus, and six were baptized.

We outreach to local people together. We are continuing to find local people who are open and make disciples of believers. Local believers also reach out to their own people group, form new groups, make disciples, and train new believers to reach out to their people group. Thank you for your prayers and financial support to enable us to minister to these villages.

Please Pray:

  1. Pray that Eyo’s faith will grow and that we can meet outside his village for discipleship.
  2. Pray for the three group leaders, that God continues to give them wisdom and knowledge in sharing the Good News and making disciples of their group members.
  3. Pray for the meeting of the groups that they can continue to meet in a safe place.
  4. Pray that God will continue to give us wisdom in sharing the Good News, making disciples, and training believers.
*Name changed for security.
**Stock photo used for security.

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