Motorbike Boosts Ministry Outreach

By Lemture Dimitri – I am a 51-year-old church planter working out of Juba in the West Bank region. I have the zeal to mobilize people to establish prayer centers and expand God’s kingdom. The work of church planting requires a lot of travel visiting the distant communities to win the people and gain confidence. I walked to all the places which took lots of time and energy. So several years ago, I requested a motorbike from my ministry, Africa Inland Mission. My wife and I prayed I would get one because the areas we engage are about 45 miles from town. Some time later, in 2016, our prayers were answered!

Since I received the motorbike, I have seen great changes in both my work and our family situation. Today there are four prayer centers that we opened which include:

Name of Prayer Centers Number of Congregation
Mountain Sinai 80
New island Kapuri 95
Kafuri 250
Naklojo 300


Now my colleague and I can ride together to encourage the church fellowships. Also, I can reached the groups any time they call me to do counselling and prayer. Our groups do prayers and fasting twice a month. And I can easily get to Sunday services, youth activities, Sunday school and Thursday Bible studies.

The motorbike has blessed my family too. Now sometimes my wife can join me in visiting the prayer centers. Also, the bike helps at times in transporting our children to school, going to the market and taking neighbors to the hospital. During the rainy season, I use the bike to pull the plow to cultivate our garden. This has improved our food supply. If we need greens, we ride to collect from our garden.

I am very thankful to the donors and pray that the Lord blesses them abundantly.

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