Missionary Work Pays Off in Rural Villages

Missionary Jonah arrived in the field on March 3, 2017. He shares:

Missionary Work Pays Off in Rural Villages“I arrived in Korbol among the Bua people, supported by Partners International. The first thing I did was introduce myself to the local authorities. I found a man of peace who helped me find and rent a house by the town square, exactly where the people gather for their traditional rituals. Then I learned the Boulala language by praying and learning more about the Bua and the Niellim people, who are all Muslims. In the 27 villages I visited, there are only Mosques. There are no churches for Animism or Christianity.

As a development agent, I have visitors who come to ask questions related to agriculture, breeding, health, and environment preservation.

During the past six months, I have earned the respect of the local people, which helped me to lead eight people to the Lord using the oral Bible. I am currently training them to grow as disciples. In addition to this group, one servant in the mosque believed but he wants to remain unknown.

Please pray for the 78 villages in the region. One challenge is poverty and the latent persecution of Christians by the presence of extremist teachings.”

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