Missionary Work-in-Progress

Missionary Work-in-Progress

Jakum* is the PRODEV missionary in Senegal to the M* people group. Here he shares about how his work is going. He said:

“We have already spent almost three months in this village. During this time, we have presented the Gospel to forty people. I will say this is still a work-in-progress. It is still in progress because, even though those that we have shared the Gospel with believe that it is the truth, they are still ashamed to engage openly.”


  • For Jakum*, that the Lord will help him overcome his discouragement;
  • For the salvation of the men and women in this community;
  • Thank God and continue praying for definite peace in Casamance.

*Names redacted and changed for security reasons

3 Responses to “Missionary Work-in-Progress”

  1. susan

    Thank you for the sharing, will pray that the Lord will help the person to overcome his discouragement!
    God !

  2. Kathleen Hunt

    I am praying for Jakum, that God would strengthen and encourage him today, so that he can remain faithful to the people in this village. I’m praying that he would continue to share the Word with the people even if they must hide their faith. I am thankful that there is a witness there and know that God’s Word never returns void and will accomplish its work in Senegal.

    • Parfait R Diompy

      Absolutely Kathleen. God is faithful to provide water to the seed, and to bring growth.


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