Missionary in a Hostile Culture

J* is the Kawkikete missionary among the Bua people group. He is currently living among them to share the Gospel with the community. He shares, “During my time in the military, I learned a lot about the Bua culture. This experience helped me to answer God’s call to reach them.

“Since my arrival in March of last year, I became acquainted with a man of peace among the people. He helped me to learn the language and to deepen my knowledge of the culture and their history. I thank God that I have been well integrated and accepted by the community.

The Bua people practice Islam and traditional religions. As part of their traditions, they hold yearly ceremonies where they perform human sacrifices – one man and one woman.

This community is very hostile to any sort of evangelism. They attack any Christian missionary through mystical powers. In spite of this, I continue to follow God’s call for my life to serve them. Please support me in prayer in this difficult work.”

*Name redacted for security reasons

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