Miraculous Healing Shows Family God’s Power

Miraculous Healing Shows Family Gods Power

K* and Y*’s daughter, E* was hospitalized for seventeen days after swallowing a small battery. She shared a room with a one-and-a-half year-old boy, who had drunk some toxic cleaning product. The boy’s father, who is a practicing Muslim, would go and pray for his son, but nothing would happen. K* had an opportunity to give the boy’s mother a tract and share God’s Word with her. One day, he asked her if he could pray for her son to be healed by God, and she accepted. He carried and raised the boy up to God and prayed for healing. The little boy was healed and returned home. Y* and the mother kept in contact. A month later, the little boy was diagnosed with stomach cancer after twenty days of diarrhea, and once again K* prayed for him, this time at the mother’s request. God healed the boy completely once again. The boy’s mother recognized that her son was miraculously healed twice because of those prayers. However, despite that and the fact that she heard the Gospel preached, she still hasn’t accepted Christ into her heart because of her husband. K* and Y* will continue to be there for them and pray over them.

Accompany us in prayer so that this family may receive the greatest miracle, Salvation through Jesus Christ!

*Names redacted for security reasons

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