Miraculous Growth of New Churches

Miraculous Growth of New ChurchesWe are very excited about the growth that our churches have experienced over the last several weeks.

1) One new church has joined the fellowship of churches under our organization. This will provide them with legal and spiritual coverage. My wife and I will be traveling there in couple of weeks to share some training for them over the weekend, which will be specifically focused on how to grow in faith and be godly leaders.

2) We have recently started a new church planting initiative in one of our areas that currently has not a single believer among its population of over a half million. One of the pastors who moved across the country to where we work in order to rent a facility for this initiative, as well as set up a radio studio for broadcasting online.

3) Another one of our churches, now with thirty-five members, has purchased the office next door to their building in order to increase its space, as they currently have no room for receiving new people. That church started six years ago, and its growth has been truly miraculous, especially in light of the very slow average growth of other churches in the country as a whole. From the very beginning, this small church has been saving money for this purchase. The Lord always rewards steps of faith such as this one. They are still in need of some money for the restoration work that the building will need, but we trust and praise the name of our providing Lord in all things.

Please continue to help us through your prayers and support in whatever way God leads. We so appreciate your involvement and faithfulness to us.

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