Miracles for Today

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Do you believe in miracles? I do! What is a miracle? Some people think that a miracle can only be when God intervenes in an impossible situation and brings about deliverance according to their expectations.  Often that means a physical intervention such as:

-Healing from a terminal illness.

-Removing evil people so the oppressed can go free.

-Providing money when a poor or unemployed person needs to pay bills.

-A wildfire bypasses a residence when everything around is burned.

Is this what you think? God can and does perform such miracles. Indeed, Jesus performed many miracles when he was on earth. But do we overlook the less obvious miracles in the realm of the spiritual, that are just as much God’s doing? What about when God miraculously intervenes by:

-Giving peace of mind and heart to the terminally ill and taking them home to be with Him.

-Revealing Himself to individuals as the God of love and justice through Jesus’ death and resurrection.

-Providing amazing opportunities to share the gospel to fellow inmates when converting to Christianity is illegal.

-Building faith and trust in Jesus during times of unemployment, overwhelming needs, persecution….

-Giving contentment to those in poverty.

-Comforting the grieving and cheering the depressed with the promises in His Word.

God continually performs these miracles all around the world including the Persian Speaking World.

I think of the people of faith listed in Hebrews 11 – but when we read this, we could put in names of people we knew or know living in the 21st Century. Some would testify of physical miracles, others of emotional miracles, still others of spiritual miracles. Then there are those who clung to almighty God despite torture, persecution, imprisonment and destitution.

Does God love some people more than others? Does He give preferential treatment to some Christians?  Note in Hebrews 11:39, that all of these people received God’s approval because of their faith, both those who experienced God’s miraculous intervention and those who apparently did not.

But perhaps the greatest miracle of all is faith in God and the spiritual life we experience when God makes individuals one with Christ. Like Mojgan* who lives in Iran.

A year ago, Mojgan went to visit her sister. Her sister had become a Christian and shared the Gospel with her. Mojgan was amazed. She had many questions. Questions her sister could not answer. So she introduced Mojgan to another believer. This brother recommended that when Mojgan returned home, she should email or text her questions to our Persian Ministry.

Before long, the questions started coming in. Mojgan was sincerely seeking for the truth. She was introduced to a Christian woman living in her city. This woman trusted Mojgan’s sincerity and showed her the love of Christ.

Today Mojgan texted: “I became a believer! I repented and asked Jesus to be my Savior and Lord. I am grateful to God that I have received the gift of salvation.”

Another miracle! We thank God for this miracle of a new life in Christ.

*name changed for security reasons


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