Ministry Work in an Increasingly Hostile Environment

Ministry Work in an Increasingly Hostile Environment

We were recently blessed to celebrate the inauguration of a new church in a previously unreached neighborhood near where we work. The church has more than doubled in size in a short time – from thirty-five people to over eighty – and all that attend are working to fill the church with even more! This celebration was in conjunction with another celebration, as we welcomed in a missionary couple that moved here to help this new church to get started and continue to grow.

This celebration came as a light in a dark time for our ministry, as tensions in our country have heightened significantly in the past several months. One of our dear friends was arrested, and we have been praying unceasingly for his release. In addition to this, several Christian families connected to our ministry have been publicly accused in an article of being spies for the United States. This type of occurrence has been a common fear among our ministry workers, and if further investigated, could cause our ministry serious problems.

The overall political climate in our country has been getting more and more tense as well, and foreign relations with other countries have been on the decline. All of these factors have contributed to our friend’s continued imprisonment, and to our continued security concerns for other believers associated with our ministry.

One of the most significant policies that has recently gone into effect is the rejection of almost all foreigners applying for residency, but primarily targeting Americans. This has affected several of our ministry workers that travel in and out of the country from America on a regular basis, including our son and his wife.

Please join us in prayer over this whole situation – that tensions would go down and our friend would be released from prison very soon. Thank you.


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