Ministry Update


The AIC children’s, women’s and youth ministries are growing. The youth and women move from one local church to another in fellowship. During hard times like someone’s death, they make every effort to help the family of the deceased. They organize overnight to console the relatives. In this way, the Gospel is being preached, and some people are getting saved.

South Sudan has been going through a hard period as result of the outbreak of violence in December 2013. Since then, there has been instability, economic downturn and community clashes. Church planters have not been able to reach their designated areas in the field. In spite of this, we thank God for the work they have been able to do. Small groups and Bible studies have been formed. And now at the AIC main office we have weekly devotions, which the AIC staff and the neighboring organizational staff attend. Up to 28 people attend, which is very encouraging because members gain confidence from the testimonies and wonders the Lord is doing for people. It is an avenue to pray for one another, and we build good relationships as people share their experiences.


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