Ministry Update: Creative Outreach and Partnership


The mission of Camp Adonai is to develop a physically healthy, emotionally rich and spiritually developed future generation of believers in Central Asia.

In the face of tightening restrictions, churches are inspired to unite and search for ways to strengthen their members as Christians. Camp Adonai has even more relevance in this regard, because our projects promote unity and strengthen the capacity of churches by helping to develop their children’s ministry and by providing good spiritual training.

Another important trend is that churches look for other ways to share the Gospel and witness to their world. When sharing the love of Christ,  we understand the growing value of holistic ministry. That is why Camp Adonai is expanding by partnering with other organizations.

In the last six months, we had joint projects with three different organizations or ministries. Partnering with a local secular charity run by Christians and a northwestern ministry to street children is a great opportunity for holistic evangelism. Our volunteers organized a Christmas Celebration in the northwestern town for 50 street children and children living in poverty. We also helped to purchase and distribute Christmas presents with the secular charity team.

In partnership with one church, we organized a two-day seminar for campers during winter holidays. The title of the seminar was “Swim against the Tide.” It was aimed to encourage our campers to commit to the decisions they made in camp and to let them see that they are not alone.


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