Ministry Update

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Our vision at Mchungaji Kundi Moja (MKM) is to build vibrant self-propagating churches among the unreached people groups. We feel the best way to do this is through community development projects like schools, tailoring, farming, sports, trainings and skills. These provide contact points with the community and help to bring transformation to the community we are serving.

As I mentioned in our last report, and as you may have heard on the news, the region where we minister has been hit hard by attacks. Some of our projects were destroyed and entire communities fled to safer areas. This impacted our outreaches. For example, almost half our student body left, which meant we didn’t have the funds to pay our teachers.

Terrorist threats caused some of our workers to leave the fields temporarily. Our teams had to overcome fear and stay in the field at a time when other Christians were seeking to leave the areas due to real threats on their lives. In effect, this served to further strengthen our teams as we saw firsthand our lives are in God’s hands and He has the power to protect His people. Also, we are learning that God values the communities we reach and would want us to continue being His community among these people. We realize that “Christian living” is boldly living a life for Christ in the face of death. And we are prepared for this.


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  1. James Okenda

    very nice page wish to be part of the connections and spreading the good news.

  2. James okenda

    I humbly request to be part of spreading the word of God to nations.


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