Ministry Team Disciples Adults AND Children

Since August, when Tika* repented and gave her life to Jesus, we have seen a slow, but sure, change in her. We noticed it when she began attending the discipleship classes and taking part with enthusiasm. Tika is in Hana’s* house fellowship in one Indonesian town, and she studies along with another new believer, Tiara*. They meet every two weeks to learn how to be a true disciple of Jesus. In their meetings, they are strengthened in their faith and taught how to share the salvation message with others.

Tika has four children. Her eldest is already working. Her second and third children are in 4th and 3rd grades. Their youngest is a three-year-old daughter. Tika brings the three younger children faithfully to the Rainbow Club every second Wednesday.

Sundanese Christian Fellowship started Rainbow Club to disciple elementary age students of new believers. At each meeting, the children learn about a Bible character from the Old or New Testament. They learned about Adam and Eve, how God created them, but they didn’t obey God’s word and fell into sin. This meant that man’s relationship with God was broken. So there had to be a sacrifice and Jesus came from heaven to be that sacrifice and pay for mans’ sin.

The kids are so enthusiastic when they come to the Club and take part in the activities. We not only teach them on a spiritual level, but we tutor them in some of their school subjects. The younger playgroup and kindergarten kids do coloring and learn their letters and numbers and sing. At the end of the meeting the children enjoy a nutritious snack and drink.

The Rainbow Club really helps the children of new believers. When those from another faith first put their trust in Jesus, they don’t know enough to teach their children. Actually, through attending the Rainbow Club, both the children and parents grow in their faith.

Tiara brings her children to each meeting but in secret, for she is afraid of her husband who has not yet trusted in Jesus. Our desire is that through our input, these young people will be prepared to become future Christian leaders.

Please Pray:

  • For Tika and Tiara to continue to grow in their faith and begin to share the Gospel with others.
  • For the children to grow in the faith as well.
  • For Tiara’s husband that God will soften his heart to the Gospel and put his trust in Jesus.
  • For the Joshua team that they will stay healthy so they can continue sharing the Good News.
  • That the team’s goals for 2017 will be met and that the Lord will help them as they plan their program for 2018.

*Names changed for security reasons.

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