Ministry Receives Much Needed Motorbike

In June 2020, Ministry Partner Africa Inland Church in South Sudan received a new motorbike (Senke C125) for which they had been praying. They send the following note of thanks to those who contributed to the purchase. 

The Lord answered our prayers for a motorbike to enable our church planters to visit unreached remote communities in our area. The motorbike will greatly boost our efforts to expand our scope of ministry.

And indeed we most highly appreciate our dear Partners International for securing the funds that enabled the purchase of this bike. We pray for the donors who gave to support the expansion of the Gospel. It is our prayer that the Lord opens more windows of blessings for His name’s sake and that many more people receive the Lord Jesus in their lives as we reach them. 

The Assignment for the Motorbike

SSAI Motorbike update

We plan to use the motorbike for evangelism in Bur Payam in the distant vicinity of Torit under the leadership of Pastor William, our vision-impaired pastor. (He will not be the driver!) It will also be used to reach out to communities in other areas as well. 

We need your prayers for the support and encouragement of church workers in the ministry field and also for the safety of their families amidst the pandemic. Let the Lord’s name be glorified through His servants as they continuously labor for Him in the field. 

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  1. Joel Hahn

    I’m so glad your prayers for a motorbike were answered.
    May your ministry continue to be fruitful where you live.
    May God richly bless the Africa Inland Church workers and congregation!
    Take care,
    Joel Hahn


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