Ministry reaches the high risk population

Migrant workers waiting for employers at an open market
Migrant workers waiting for employers at an open market.

In 2001, Peng* came to X City to work as a cook and became one of the migrant workers in the city. Two years later, he found a business opportunity to make more money. He rents four rooms in an old apartment building in a slum area, which holds 80-90 people. It is a slum hostel. His hostel moved five times. The current one has been there since 2011.

Migrant workers don’t have stable jobs and they don’t make much money. They have to move around in the city to find job opportunities. Therefore, a slum hostel is what they prefer because it’s really cheap. The cost for one person per night was 20 cents in 2001 and is now $1.20.

In 2006 in X City, a newly found small church visited a dying 26 year-old AIDS patient. Love from God led this church to start a HIV care ministry. In 2011, the local ministry workers found Peng when they were searching AIDS among migrant workers. Through the ministry, Peng first learned about AIDS and relevant knowledge. Then Peng started cooperating with the ministry workers so they could give the migrant workers prevention training at the slum hostel. This ministry is the only one that cares about this people group and gives them free help. There are four other slum hostels this ministry tried to work with, but the owners didn’t want to help.

After 2011, because the funding was cut off, the project could not continue. Three of the HIV positive migrant workers have been confirmed dead. Others are not able to be reached, but the local ministry didn’t give up on these people. The ministry is still in touch with them and does whatever they can to help.

Peng’s wife and son are in his hometown. The son goes to high school now. Peng is very proud of him and working hard to make money for him. However, his slum hostel business is not doing well. He is considering other job opportunities.

Pray that:

  • More churches can see the need of this people group and that they find ways to reach them.
  • This ministry and the lives it touches will grow in quantity and quality.
The slum hostel for migrant workers
The slum hostel for migrant workers.
P has a cleaner VIP personal bed.
Peng has a cleaner VIP personal bed.


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