Ministry in Spite of Opposition

Over the last month and a half, the government has become more and more disruptive to the work our ministry is doing. In spite of this, I am encouraged that the believers here are staying strong despite the fear and uncertainty that this is causing. They have been continuing with regularly scheduled events and meetings, no matter the possible consequences.

One of these activities was the production of a short video explaining the life of Jesus and the Gospel, which we shared on our Facebook page to reach over two hundred thousand people all over our area. We have also continued with our distribution of Bibles through in-person meetings with people who have never heard the Good News, and never owned a Bible. Over one hundred Bibles have been handed out through these meetings over the last month.

We were also able to host our monthly discipleship training, as originally scheduled, with 34 interested participants. At the end of this meeting, which was the third in a series, we gave the participants a test to demonstrate what they had learned over the last three months. The test was to prepare a small lesson that could be used in a Bible study for new believers. Most of the participants were able to write a lesson based off of one passage of the Bible that effectively explained the Gospel and how we are expected to respond.

We thank the Lord for the opportunity to see new people continue to come to the Lord, even in spite of the opposition we are facing. Praise the Lord for using the media and the national church to present the Gospel.

Thank you for praying for the work our ministry is doing!

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