Ministering to Children with Our Limited Resources

On this plateau where we work, at 4,000 meters altitude, there are so many orphans and children that have only one parent. During the last ten years, we have helped children of despair find hope, found jobs for students who had graduated from high schools, fixed roofs for poor students’ houses, built shelters for homeless students’ families, and assisted a gambling father out of his addiction.

A student told me, “I used to collect garbage on the street with my mother in order to survive. You came to help us. You became friends to me and my brothers and sisters. I hadMinistering to Children with Limited Resources a lot more fun during my childhood because of you. Now I do not feel inferior as I did before.”

The Lord has been touching my heart continuously through the lost people here. There are so many more to reach, and the needs are growing. There are ninety children that are in single parent homes and are in an elementary school, but we can only help 55 of them with our limited resources. Another school is almost begging us to help. Please pray for them. If the Lord is working in your heart, join us to love them!

When we visited this school recently, 55 single-parent children we sponsored to go to school signed their names on this beautiful map. We are looking forward to someone will collect it and pray for them. But don’t forget, the other 35 children in this school and more children also need your prayers!

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