Ministering to an Elderly Population


Our ministry has been starting to reach out more to the senior citizens in the community. This has been very helpful in reaching the people in the Himalayan region. The people we are witnessing to do not reject us or our message immediately the way that they used to. Now, they are willing to share their stories and fellowship together with us. They are blessed because they feel like they are part of a much larger family, with members all over the world who care about them.

We recently invited some of these elderly people into our homes, and we all had a wonderful time sharing with them. These people are often leading very lonely lives, and many have been dejected by their families. During our time together, some of them sang songs of thanksgiving, and some songs of their painful lives. It was a moment of mixed emotions for our staff in the office when they witnessed the painful journey of these people.

We were able to provide the elderly community with food, which was appreciated by everyone, and one them said “I have not eaten anything for over a day”.  Another one said, “Our supporters are our guardians, though we do not see them they still love us and support us. God bless them.” These words of their gratitude brought tears to the eyes of the ministry leader there.  Please do remember to pray for these people – that they will seek the truth.

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