Ministering in the Mountains

East Asia Mountains

General ministry updates

Our team directly serves eleven cities and counties in Asia by providing pastoring, training, children’s ministry, youth ministry, college student ministry and married couple’s ministry. We are also involved in supporting some churches in other provinces and countries, training workers, teaching and preaching.

Thus far in 2015, we have presented the gospel to 500 people and have 409 new believers! Praise God! Of these new believers, 124 are from nominal Christian backgrounds, 122 were atheists, and 163 were pantheists.

For a very long time, our gospel work has been limited to where we live. Through the money raised, we will support local and cross-cultural missions. One hope of this ministry is that every believer will participate in mission in one way or another, even though they may not be missionaries.

Rural ministry challenges

Our main challenge is starting community-development ministries. Most of the people we serve are from rural or mountain areas. Their lifestyle is different from urban people. We need an effective, feasible and contextualized strategy to work among these people, in order to disciple all people with the Good News. Please pray that our whole team will have the same vision for our community-development ministry.

Thank you for the faithful prayer and loving support. May God remember and bless you. Emmanuel! God is with us!

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