Migrant Workers and Their Children

Kids learning teamwork in a game
Children of Migrant Workers Learning in A Game


Migrant workers issue is growing in H Country. The faith community is reaching out to these people. During the process of urbanization, the number of migrant workers and their children in cities is growing. But their need is being neglected by the mainstream society. They lack quality education, adequate money and social positions. Both the migrant workers and their children are facing physical and spiritual challenges. A ministry offers training for them. The training is designed by Biblical principles and Bible stories. The goal is to address their urgent need of education. The workers hope to build relationships and have gospel conversation with these people. You are invited to pray for this ministry and the people they serve.

Sharing from the ministry

“In the picture, kids are playing a game Passing Water with Spoons. Since we started a new meeting place in a factory area where migrant workers gather and live, we have this weekend interest class for the migrant workers’ children every Saturday afternoon. We offer free character shaping classes for the nearby children. Now more than 10 kids are coming. Every month, we have a different character topic for them. They love it very much. During the last three months, they learnt about concentration, gratitude and orderliness.

At the same time, we give free parenting training for the kids parents who are migrant workers. The mothers responses are really good. At the beginning, they had doubt about our motivation. After two parenting training’s, the mothers learned so much that they appreciated what we did. They started helping us clean the floors as volunteers after class!

We are welcomed by the community. Please kindly pray for us that our ministry will continue to serve our migrant worker neighbors.”


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