Midnight Baptism

I have been working for almost one year with the church planting team and have been preaching the Gospel on the island. Some people said they wanted to believe, but, after following them up several times, they said that they didn’t want to meet again. More than likely their Muslim leaders forbade them after they discussed what they had learned. And a few other people reprimanded and threatened me about my preaching the Gospel.

Coffee Shop

But I’m thankful for others who put their trust in the Lord Jesus. One of them is Brother Buana. I met him at his street shop selling coffee and other drinks at night. We talked about common matters and that led to spiritual things.

Our first meeting last fall was the night Brother Buana said he would believe in Jesus to have his sin forgiven and be prayed for to accept Jesus. In our next meeting, I shared with him about the sons of Sceva. I wanted to pray for him that he would be delivered from the bonds of darkness and be free from fear because of amulets or black magic used by his business competitors.

I also shared about the eunuch from Ethiopia. After listening to that story, he said he was ready to be baptized like the eunuch. But, when I asked him when he would like to be baptized, he said he would let me know. I couldn’t find him for a few days because his street shop was closed. But when I finally found him, he said that he still believes and would inform me when he was ready to be baptized.

And on November 8, a Sunday afternoon, I was back looking for Brother Buana at his shop. He said he wanted to be baptized after his shop closed that night. We agreed to do it at midnight on the beach because no one would be around. It would not be good for anyone to see him being baptized. That evening, I visited Brother Buana at his street shop and talked about the Bible while waiting for midnight. Praise God, at 12:15 AM, I baptized him.

Prayer Requests

  • That Brother Buana can attend discipleship meetings at night after work
  • For the island culture that causes problems for us—we are often threatened and chased away when sharing the Gospel message

Name changed for security

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  1. Amin Nguluma

    May God bless and protect you in your ministry.

  2. Emilio

    Cahaya suku thank you for being so persistent and consistent and a faithful servant to our Lord and our savior Jesus Christ that’s another soul saved the angels sing Hallelujah in heaven Bless you and your mission! God speed please pray for me my name is Emilio Mayes


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