Microloans lead to new opportunities

SEIS March 2017 Update women group storytelling and Bible study


Between July and December 2016 192 villagers of which 18 men were involved in the microloan program. The amount of $40,973 was lent to different accountability groups. The Lord allowed us to receive $4,551 of interest, and a faithful reimbursement. Here are a few testimonies from beneficiaries:


Mariama*: “I started my first project of selling sorrel flowers and beans. It allowed me to earn enough to jump into the trade of raising sheep.”


Rose*: “I have never saved this much in my life. Through this program, I came to save over $181. This money will allow me to progress in my business. I’m so blessed!”


Helene*: “The funds I received allowed me to start a small trade of local beans and sorrel flowers. The funds it generated then allowed me to buy a goat for my breeding project. Later, I started raising pigs to diversify my activities and generate more funds. I have decided to continue this project for the well-being of my family.”


The ISM women’s outreach pairs this program with Scripture storytelling. Some 134 women attend the storytelling groups. Anne* from C* village shares some of her experience:


We’ve seen the importance of knowing the Word of God, as you taught to us. We take inspiration from what you did with us over the years. That’s why we started to meet weekly this year in a local facility. All the women participate. We tell a story from the Scriptures, we practice dialogue, and we pray together.




  • For protection during the trips.
  • For the health of Mame*, the Microloan program coordinator, who has been sick for some time.
  • For the outreach team to raise local storytellers in each village they work in.
  • For the capacity to enroll two more sisters in the program.


Names* have been changed for security reasons.

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