Microloan Program Transforms Lives

Microloan Program Transforms Lives

This is a testimony from a woman that our programs have helped.

My name is Mrs. S*, and I have been benefiting from the microloan program since 2012. I have been granted funds five times to develop my small business. I sell cereals, cassava, and peanuts in the SARH market. I regularly buy bags of field products, which I sell to make an income.

The program transformed me and my entire family. I no longer worry about my children’s schooling, clothing, or feeding, for I am now able to cover all of these expenses. May God grant me health to continue working.

The credit through Partners International has had a great impact among Christian homes, even among the animistic people around us. They have the opportunity to hear God’s Word through stories, and as a result, several have become Christians through the program. Praise God that our community continues to grow!

On behalf of my friends, I thank the donors that have supported us, and we pray God’s blessing upon them, as well as on the PI and the Kawkikete Community Outreach staff. Our Brother Ndomasse never stops encouraging us to pray for you, and so we do. Thank you again for caring for the poor in Chad.

*Name redacted for security reasons

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