Micro-Loan Update


Last September, we benefited from a training on Micro-loans led by Partners International. Since then Ba-Lyaka’s program has grown by three new saving groups for women.

Ba Lyaka

Amina*, a leader of one group shares:

I have completed the Microbusiness and savings groups training and now I’m coordinating the women’s saving group. In the past few months, we have been blessed, we have benefitted from multiple things that allowed us to launch income-generating activities.

We recently started up another training for a group of 23 women. I’m convinced that in a short while, all the women in town will be eager to join the group. The group itself has so much potential to grow, and within it, women have many opportunities ahead of them, such as potentially running their own businesses.

Ba-Iyaka provided two trainings for the women

  1. How to create an income generating activity and manage business funds
  2. How to use a microloan.

From there, the group became an accountability group. Our group functions very well compared to most groups in our town. We are organized and have internal policies, and meet at least once a month. Every member brings a $2 contribution each month which goes into a fund. Ba-Iyaka granted us a fund to help our member get loans for their activities.

I am so happy that I am running an activity that allows me to take care of myself. I am following a pastoral training, and we frequently have evangelism outings in surrounding villages. I am able to take care of myself when I go to these missions. When I am not at home, my children are able to keep the business running which has brought security and happiness to my family.

I am thankful for the Ba-Iyaka people and all the partners that have been blessing us through them. Thank you for everything.

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  1. abdelvatah

    I’m pastor Abdelvatah from Mauritania, We are being persecuted because we are Christian. Please, we need your assistance financially if possible, please.
    God bless


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