Micro-Loan Kick Starts Woman’s Small Business

Micro-Loan Kick Starts Woman’s Small Business

M* is a housewife who lives in the outskirts of the capital city. Born an artist, she has been longing to express her talents in a way that would also help her make an income. She shared:

“A few months ago, as I was facing several needs, I was thinking about how I could start a small business. As we were sharing our challenges, a friend of mine in the church told me about the launching of a micro-loan program. I managed to schedule a meeting with the program manager, and was given all the details and interviewed. A few days later we signed documents. My project is making scarves. Women love them, and this is a great opportunity to satisfy that and generate an income.”

Upon receiving her first loan of $130, M* started working immediately. She sits in her living room to make her items, using ribbons of different colors, textures, and style, embellishments, and she creates her own patterns. She adds:

“I was able to reimburse the loan within the six months we agreed upon. My business is now completely self-sufficient. My family is more independent now that we have ever been, and I thank God for that. My desire now is to get a larger loan in order to open my own shop and work with a team. That would empower us even more and help us succeed when competition arises.”

*Name redacted for security reasons

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