Micro-Enterprise Program Encourages Missionary Family

Thank you, cherished partner, for your support to God’s work through our Christian Outreach Fellowship ministry throughout 2017. I pray the eternal gains made this year will be credited to your investment in Heaven against the life to come.

For this month’s report, I would like to share about how the lives of two people have been forever changed as a result receiving gifts of bullocks and plows through our micro-enterprise program. They serve among the K* people group in the Upper East Region of Ghana. The missionary family of five used to live under very poor conditions about seven years ago. They were living in a mud house, which could barely accommodate them. They struggled with how to fend for themselves at the same time as they were supporting members of their extended families as tradition demands in our part of the world. It was at a time like this that COF, through the generosity of Partners, gave them a pair of bullocks and a plow. They also received some funds from our micro-enterprise program to boost their food joint business, which was small at the time.

Over time, these gifts proved to be a blessing. They now operate a highly-patronized food joint, which serves the community. This is an employer in its own right, as there are eight workers who assist in running the food joint. They engage the bullocks in their farming activities, and also uses them to plow for members of the community for a small fee. Today, the living conditions of the family have changed dramatically. Instead of the old, cramped mud house in which they used to live, the family now has a decent accommodation of a four-bedroom apartment. The joy of this transformation is worth celebrating, especially when one considers the plight of the family in the not-too-distant past. They currently pastor two churches with a total of about one hundred members, with the support of two assistants.

I am happy that the COF ministry is able to bring holistic transformation to our workers and their families, as well as to the mission field. Thanks to our ever faithful partners who make this and more happen. May God replenish you in your support to His cause in every way.

Thank you.

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