Micro-enterprise changes women’s lives

Nathalina writes:

Greeting in Jesus name! I am a green vegetable seller. I began my business with money the women’s director brought from you people of God. Thank God for your giving hands. My business is simple. It helps meet our daily needs. I am now calling myself a caring mother because I am able to give my family food every day and sent two of my children to school. I hope that next year all four will go to school.

Agenest Shares:

I began my small business in front of my shelter. I sold tomatoes for almost a year but could not move to another place in a bigger market. Then in February this year our women’s director brought us micro-finance funds from friends of Partners International in America. We asked God blessings upon the giving hands.

We took the money in February 2017 as a group and as individuals. By June, I could move from home to the market where my business has increased and my children are able to go to school and even have good food every day. I began my business with 200 Ugandan shillings and now am getting a profit of 50 shillings every day. And I can say that there is a change in my life and my family too. GOD BLESS YOU.


Lobone women’s group

The Lobone women’s group live in a very fertile land in eastern part of South Sudan. Each of the three women’s groups was given about $12. Last year, one of the groups earned $80 out of their work. This year will also bring positive results. The group is aiming to buy 2 tractors and a big Lorry to enable them to carry on their business well. These women also use part of their proceeds for their home use and their children’s school needs.

May God bless the hands that give.

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