Creating Awareness for Discipling Student Community

One of the towns in Eastern India is has been experiencing a lot of growth recently. Most of the old generation in this town have very little education, with many never having received any at all. At present, parents are beginning to show more interest in educating their children, especially in English. To meet this need in this community, we organized a five-day workshop on spoken English for our workers, so that they could go out and teach others.

Among them were three pastors and their wives, two postgraduates, and the rest were students. K*, an experienced English teacher from Tamil Nadu, conducted this five -day intensive course. The course was focused on basic grammar, reading, and conversational English. The participation from the students was excellent, and their feedback encouraged us. We are planning to run a series of courses for these trainers in the future.

At the end of the course, the participants felt that they have gained a basic knowledge and confidence to speak in English. Some of them are planning to run spoken English classes for the students in their communities.

This simple but very useful training has helped us to identify people who could develop a vision and help the student community, while at the same time helping them on their Spiritual journey and discipleship.

One of the participants said, “When my friends use to speak in English I felt bad that I was not able to talk understand or respond, but this training has helped me to be able to do so confidently. I also plan on teaching my other friends to learn the same.”

Please continue to pray for this program – that God would help many to learn English, find jobs, and experience the blessing of Jesus In their lives.

*Name redacted for security reasons

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