Young mother’s life saved through the gift of medicine

Rhama, a young mother in rural West Africa was saved through donated medicine.

“After giving birth, I started suffering continual pain in my entire body. It would not stop. My husband took me to the regional government hospital, but the treatment was unsuccessful. Then I heard that the Barthimmee medical team was planning, once again, to visit our village and give free medical consultations and medication. Now that I was in desperate need of help, I was determined to go. After one week of medication, I was completely healed and was able to properly take care of my baby.”

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2 Responses to “Young mother’s life saved through the gift of medicine”

  1. Beverly Varcoe

    Do you want used bottles that prescriptions are given in? I was saving them for some mission, but now have no contact person to take them.

    • Partners International

      Hi Beverly, No we don’t take used prescription bottles. You may want to check with MAP We partner with them on medical shipments. Blessings!


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