Medicine Allows Man to Serve His Family and Town

B*, is a Thirty-eight-year-old man who lives in a neighbor district to the Barthimee Hospital, in Thies town. Here, he shares his experience as a frequent patient. He said:

I’ve been to the Barthimee Hospital several times. I’ve been there when I suffered from a cold, fatigue and high blood pressure. Every time I have been to the Hospital there has been the medicine that has fit my needs and cured me.

ISM nov and dec updateA few months ago, I was feeling weak. My consultation revealed that I had a high blood sugar level. The Doctor prescribed several medications, calcium, and an appetite enhancer since I had lost weight during that time.

I was also consuming Moringa leaves at the same time I was following my prescribed medication. These are local leaves that are rich in proteins, vitamin A, C, and E, Magnesium, Potassium and some other elements. The leaves are simply dried up, then ground up and served in meals to enrich them. I was faithfully following the prescribed medication. with a few tablespoons of Moringa a day.

The medication was an affordable price and I was able to purchase all of them on the spot. After three weeks I was completely recovered and able to resume work.

My job demands a lot of energy, I work on the roads in Thies. Being in good health is precious to me, to serve my family. This is why I am grateful for all of the times I have been restored through your medicine. My family and all the people in Thies town know and say that the American medicine (that’s how they call it) is very good, compared to the one we get from the pharmacies. I pray that your work will keep moving forward, by God’s grace, Amen.Medicine Allows Man to Serve His Family and Town1

*Name has been removed for security purposes

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